Acta Metallurgica Sinica 2002, 22(3) 210-213 DOI:     ISSN: 0412-1961 CN: 21-1139/TG

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mutual sintering
HAN Xiao-zhao
YAO Wei-tang
JIN Guo-qing
DENG Zheng-tao
Article by HAN Xiao-zhao
Article by YAO Wei-tang
Article by JIN Guo-qing
Article by HU Bo
Article by DENG Zheng-tao

Study on Mutual Sintering Process of K-feldspar in Ning guo, Anhui

HAN Xiao-zhao1, YAO Wei-tang1, JIN Guo-qing2, HU Bo1, DENG Zheng-tao1

1. Institute of Chemical Engineering, Hefei University of Technology, Hefei 230009, China;
2. Zhonghua Serte Fertilizer Co., Ltd. of Ningguo County, Ningguo, Anhui 242300, China


In the presence of CaCl2 this paper has studied the mutual sintering process of K-feldspar,which come from Anhui Ningguo. The recovery rate affected by mutual sintering temperature and time, quantity of CaCl2 and the optimal technological parameters were determined. The K-feldspar powder and the leaching residues were analyzed by XRD. As comparison of the two XRD patterns, the reaction mechanism was studied. Test results show a recovery of up to 95% of potassium contained in potassium concentrates.

Keywords�� K-feldspar   mutual sintering   potassium  
Received 2002-04-15 Revised 2002-06-17 Online:  
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